The trend of getting hair extensions is quite a rage. Swearing for its numerous benefits, especially by those who always dreamt of wearing a long hair look, hair extensions can be the answer to all your fashion prayers. In case getting hair extensions is on your to-do list, you must be aware of the list of perks it offers. You will definitely be awed by the results instantly. For first-time users, the experts also suggest the clip-on extension since these are quite easy to add and remove without touching the natural hair.

Adding length and volume without a fuss

Hair extension works wonders in adding volume and length to hair in an instant. It is the simplest way to add volume and length to your hair in no time and change the look without worrying about maintaining the same. The benefit of wearing hair extensions is that it adds volume and aid in styling and upgrading the look of your natural hair.

Trying new hairstyles

Many women refrain from trying out newer hairstyles due to the volume, length, and thin texture of their hair or for the fear of imposing damage to their natural hair. Hair extensions in this case are ideal for changing hairstyles and getting the desired results without any damage. These hair extensions facilitate trying new things on your hair without waiting for them to grow thick and lavish.

New color

One of the best benefits of wearing hair extensions is that you can opt for the color change, without harming the original strands in the process. Further, these extensions are considered low maintenance and are quick to be styled.

No split ends

Well, if you havenโ€™t figured this out yet, hair extensions are free from the worry of getting nasty-looking split ends. Further, fuller hair works as a cover to hide split ends under beautiful, thick, lustrous, and soft hair extensions.


We all reap great confidence from how we look. Human hair extensions are such a way to wear that beautiful appearance and wrap around the feel of having original long hair. Not only it gives you the freedom to try on new colors and hairstyle, but it also let your natural hair grow without being subject to styling tools and chemicals.

At Elleloise Hair, we provide you countless chances to try out new looks that can spice up and go in sync with your wardrobe at different events. By availing of the natural looking and high-quality hair extension services from us, you can now wrap your hair in a fuller bun or heavy looking braid with absolute confidence. If you wish to look amazing and make a style statement with your new hair look, get in touch with us at Elleloise hair.

size chart

Elleloise Hair Extension

How many bundles you need?

Note: for our wavy and curly hair, you may need more or less
The amount of bundles you need is dependent on the look (length and volume) you are going for. However, we are happy to provide a recommendation guide.

  • 10 โ€“ 14inches = 2 bundles
  • 16 โ€“ 20inches =3 โ€“ 4 Bundles
  • 22-30inches = 4 bundles or more