Have you ever been in a situation where you have been amazed by the dress and gorgeous hairstyle of your favorite celebrities? If yes, then you are not alone, as we all have the same feeling while seeing the amazing dress and stylish hairstyles of models and actresses and we all desire to don the same looks while going to formal events.

Fortunately, several options are available for us today trying which we can also look gorgeous and stylish. Many times we prefer a formal look, from weddings to festive seasons and school proms for family members. Heading for a formal event not just requires formal dress but we should even pick hairstyles that perfectly match different formal looks.  

While heading for any formal event we always aspire to look our best and hence we pay close attention to selecting the perfect outfit and shoes to look stunning. However, in our desire to look our best, we should never ignore our hairstyle which usually completes our whole look.  

If you wear hair extensions and think that you cannot style your hair for a formal event then check the diverse hair styling options available that are perfect for any formal event.


  • Updo: Hair extensions not just add length, volume, and fullness to loose hair but can also add substance to a formal updo. You will just need some bobby pins to make the best updos with hair extensions and look stunning on your formal day. No matter whether you are going to a prom, anniversary, or wedding, this hairstyle is ideal for all formal occasions.     
  • Side Pony: A side pony is the best hair styling option for the formal event, especially if you are not getting a seamless transition with your hair and hair extensions. This hairstyle perfectly blends with a versatile and stunning gown, making you look gorgeous for the formal event. Doing this hairstyle is not a big deal, as you can loosely wave your hair and tie it as a side pony. To give a stylish look you can leave some strands around your face.
  • Pull Back: If your hair extension is applied correctly, you can pull two front sections back and secure your hair with a pin. This hairstyle will provide you more formal look and is perfect for women who have shorter layers at the front, as they can prevent them from blending into the extensions. You can style your hair in this manner without damaging the hair extensions. This hairstyle is a great option for the formal occasion that goes well with formal dresses.
  • High Ponytail: It is a chic, classy, and practical hairstyle that you can wear ideally to any formal event. The high ponytail can even be made if you are wearing hair extensions and you can blend your hair and the extension to create soft waves. This hairstyle can be made in both short and long hair and can be beautifully paired with a formal dress. High ponytails are a great way to look trendy and confident.
  • Accessories: Wearing a stunning formal dress that appeals to everyone is a great feeling but if the dress is matched with a perfect hairstyle decorated with fancy accessories. If you don’t find a matching necklace or earrings for your formal dress then the head accessories prove to be a great addition to the formal outfit. No matter whether you have left the hair open, or made a side pony or high ponytail, hair accessories will accentuate your look in every hairstyle.   
size chart

Elleloise Hair Extension

How many bundles you need?

Note: for our wavy and curly hair, you may need more or less
The amount of bundles you need is dependent on the look (length and volume) you are going for. However, we are happy to provide a recommendation guide.

  • 10 – 14inches = 2 bundles
  • 16 – 20inches =3 – 4 Bundles
  • 22-30inches = 4 bundles or more