Hair is a beautiful addition to women’s as well as men’s personalities that personifies their beauty and elegance. This is the reason that mere the thought of losing hair is quite scary and devastating for people. However, due to changing lifestyle, hair loss problem is becoming quite common among people. Today a large number of people are suffering from alopecia that causes unpredictable hair loss.

Alopecia can affect anyone, irrespective of age and gender, as it can either be a genetic disorder or caused because of stress. Alopecia is even caused due to some hair practices. In Alopecia people may experience hair loss in small patches while in some extreme conditions, there is even complete hair loss.

Fortunately, today people do have a slew of solutions like hair extensions, hair lace wigs, lace wigs along with many more. No doubt, hair extension is regarded as the best solution for alopecia patients in the UK, as hair loss problem has a great impact on people’s self-confidence and personality. The bitter truth related to alopecia is that there is no cure for this disorder, though some treatments are recommended to manage hair loss that may slow down the effects of the condition.

Above all, alopecia emotionally affects people leading to stress and depression. To get out of such emotional and mental trauma, people can buy the best hair extensions that will help them effectively manage their hair fall problem.

Luckily today many online stores are operational in the UK that offer purest quality raw and unaltered human hair extensions that guarantee maximum fullness and versatility of style. Some of the best hair extensions that will be ideal for alopecia patients in the UK are:

  • Cambodian Hair Extension: It is the most popular hair extension in the market because it effortlessly blends with all types of hair. This hair extension is greatly preferred in the UK because of its natural-looking lightweight texture and thickness having unidirectional aligned cuticles that make it easy-to-wear. No matter, whether one is looking for wavy hair, curly closure, curly frontal, natural wavy, or straight closure, Cambodian hair extensions are available in myriad styles and types.
  • Vietnamese Hair Extension: This naturally soft, strong, smooth, silky, and lustrous hair extension is quite popular and highly regarded in the hair industry. This hair extension has thick strands having low-to-medium lustre with unidirectional aligned cuticles and will always provide a wow factor to the hair. People looking for Vietnamese hair extensions can find them in diverse styles and types such as straight hair, straight closure, and straight frontal.
  • Burmese Hair Extension: This hair extension is a blend of Indian and Chinese hair and is extremely healthy having a naturally coarse texture in nature. Having low to medium lustre, this hair extension is naturally straight with slight curls at the tip. This hair extension is normally preferred by ladies who are looking for curly hair extensions, as they find wide varieties like curly, curly closure, and curly frontal.

The hair extension stores in the UK are committed to giving fabulous natural-looking results to alopecia patients by providing them with premium quality human extensions made of fine quality natural hair. The best quality hair extensions in the UK ensure that on using these extensions, the hair will look natural, glossy, and healthy and will allow the user’s natural hair to breathe and continue to grow underneath. Whether alopecia patients experience partial loss of hair or complete hair loss, the best quality hair extensions available in the UK will surely brilliantly cater to their hair loss problems.

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Elleloise Hair Extension

How many bundles you need?

Note: for our wavy and curly hair, you may need more or less
The amount of bundles you need is dependent on the look (length and volume) you are going for. However, we are happy to provide a recommendation guide.

  • 10 – 14inches = 2 bundles
  • 16 – 20inches =3 – 4 Bundles
  • 22-30inches = 4 bundles or more