Hair extensions have become a popular hair accessory used by a great number of women in the UK to give their hair length, volume, and style. Now women don’t need to wait for months or even years to obtain the hairstyle of their choice, as with proper installation techniques and care, they can easily apply for the hair extensions right at their home and achieve their preferred style and look. It is not just about style but hair extensions are a wonderful option even for those women who need to boost the length or volume of their hair. Women should remember that there are some helpful tips and tricks for easy-at-home application of hair extensions, which should follow to obtain a perfect and seamless look.

Before using hair extensions it is essential for women to know each and everything related to hair extensions and what are their purposes. Hair extensions are usually used to add volume and length to the natural hair. The extensions are available either in pre-tipped wefts or i-tip strands that are respectively attached by beads or keratin bonds to create a seamless blend with the existing hair, making them more discreet than hair pieces or wigs. The most commonly available hair extension in the UK is tape-in or clip-in extensions that are made with soft, fine, and flexible hair fibers that perfectly blend with natural hair. Besides, women should always opt for hair extension that matches their natural hair. 

Tips to Buy and Apply Hair Extensions

  • While buying hair extensions, women should make sure that the hair extension matches closely with their natural hair colour. Women who have highlighted or lowlighted their hair should opt for multi shades extensions to match different shades of their hair.
  • While applying for hair extension, women should cut the length of the extension to the length of their natural hair to add length or volume to their hair. This will further ensure that extensions seamlessly blend with their natural hair.
  • Women should make use of volumizing powder at the hair roots while applying hair extensions to add texture and volume to their hair. This will also create a natural look and the extension will be seamlessly blended with the natural hair.
  • While applying for tape-in hair extensions, women should apply them to the root of the hair at the center and should be evenly spaced. However, while using clip-in extensions, women should clip them into their hair at the roots and ensure that they are perfectly secured.
  • Hair extensions must be perfectly blended with natural hair with the help of a comb or using fingers to ensure that they are not visible and their hair looks natural.
  • If the hair extensions are aptly applied and are in place, then women can easily style their hair as they would normally. Women can make use of a round brush or a hairdryer to add volume and texture or can even use a flat iron to straighten their hair.
  • To prevent hair extensions from slipping and to keep them in place, women can make use of hair finishing products like a hair spray.

Women can make use of these tips to buy and apply hair extensions effectively and they should gently handle their hair extensions. Applying hair extensions does require some time, technique, and patience, and maintaining a fine balance of these, women can manage a seamless look and may easily have longer and fuller hair. Women interested in hair extensions can in the UK visit Elleloise Hair to browse through the range of hair extensions available at their online store.

size chart

Elleloise Hair Extension

How many bundles you need?

Note: for our wavy and curly hair, you may need more or less
The amount of bundles you need is dependent on the look (length and volume) you are going for. However, we are happy to provide a recommendation guide.

  • 10 – 14inches = 2 bundles
  • 16 – 20inches =3 – 4 Bundles
  • 22-30inches = 4 bundles or more