Human Hair Closure – The Most Popular Choice of Modern Women

Bald spot or female pattern baldness develops in women because hair falls out and doesn’t grow back in. Women with visible bald spots surely prefer to cover up the missing hair. Luckily, many solutions are available for hair loss and one of the most viable solutions is human hair closure. Human hair closure is a small hairpiece generally made of silk or lace and has human hair attached to it. This hairpiece is used on top of a wig to close the hair bundle to impart a natural hairline. It is one of the safest and least expensive options for women who wish to cover up their bald spots. It is an excellent option for alopecia patients who have smaller regions of hair loss, as closures perfectly cover these spots. It is a fantastic option for achieving a natural look and also a wonderful alternative for protecting hair and creating a blending effect for hair and protecting it from the adverse effects of heat.  

History of Human Hair Closure

Have you ever wondered who started the fashion statement of wearing other people’s hair to transform their looks? With fashion and culture evolving over time, hair extensions and hair closure play a significant role in styling hair. The hair extension industry is flourishing more than ever with the development of fashion and social media. However, studies have found that hair extension history dates back to around 3400 BC in Egypt. The appearance was of great importance for ancient Egyptians, as it indicated their status in society. Thicker hair was considered ideal so hair extensions were used to provide a thicker look to the hair. It all started with wigs that were made from human hair, vegetable fibers, or sheep’s wool that were either braided into the hair or attached with the help of beeswax. The UK and Europe are considered the most dynamic markets for hair extension products and human hair closure is no different.

Difference between Human Hair Closure and Frontal

Both human hair closure and frontals are hair pieces that perfectly blend with your skin and provide a feel that your natural hair is growing from your scalp. These hair extensions provide women with a wonderful opportunity to change their look while keeping their natural hair from heat or style manipulation. However, there is a difference between frontal and human hair closure, a frontal covers the entire front area of the head and goes from ear to ear covering your entire hairline whereas closure covers either the side for the side part or in the middle of the head and is ideal for women who have smaller regions of hair loss. The frontal looks more natural compared to the closure simply because it covers the entire head. Frontals are more expensive than human hair closures.

Features of Human Hair Closure

Elleloise Hair offers human hair closures in various lengths, shades, styles, and finishes and these closures are smooth in texture. The hair closures are manufactured with utmost precision using supreme quality original human hair and innovative techniques. Some of the features of our human hair closure include:

  • Skin-friendly
  • Chemically unprocessed
  • Collected from a single donor
  • Excellent and smooth finishing
  • Free from dyes, bleaches, and harsh washes
  • The soft and shiny texture
  • Multiple useable

Benefits of Human Hair Closure

Human hair closure comes in handy to cover some of your natural hair that leaves out while putting on a wig or weave. It is also effective in providing more thickness to your hair, as it can be easily attached to the existing hair. Some of the major benefits of human hair closure include:

  • Provides volume to thin hair
  • Impart better look without any medication or surgery
  • Painless process
  • Protect the health of hair
  • Quick and instant results
  • Easy to be styled
  • Withstand chemical treatment and styling, as closures are made from real human hair
  • Save original hair from any damage or side effects

Types of Human Hair Closure

The two most common types of hair closures are silk and lace hair closure.

Lace Hair Closure

The lace closure has a base attached to a lace base and is generally the most preferred choice mainly because lace hair closure is much thinner which allows it to lie flat on the head. It is an ideal way to give hair a break from the challenge that arises after wearing a weave with a leave-out style. This makes the line of demarcation where the scalp ends and the closure is placed less obvious. The base of the lace closure is bleached to match the scalp. It is mostly placed at the top of the head to impart a more natural look and it also shields hair from heat, excessive use of hair products, and styling. A lace closure is less expensive and hence it is a preferred option for most people.

Silk Hair Closure

A silk lace closure is attached to a silk base and looks much more natural and similar to the original hair, provided they are properly sealed. Though this hair closure does not always lay as flat as lace closure it imparts a look that competes with a natural scalp. You may require performing a bit of tinting to achieve the right color because of its characteristics. This closure hides all flaws that may live beneath like knots and allow for parting. You don’t have to add fabric beneath.    

Why use human hair closure?

Nowadays more and more women love having human hair closure matching hair extensions because hair closure makes the hairstyle look more natural and perfect. The versatility of hair closures makes them ideal for use for almost all types of hair.

  • Usually, your natural hair does not always blend well with foreign texture hair like Brazilian or Indian so hair weave may reveal breakage but effective use of hair closure prevents this problem.  
  • Wearing human hair closure can give extra length and volume to your hair without stressing your natural hair and wearing a hair closure will also save your hair from getting fragile or damaged while you curl or dye your hair.
  • Hair closure helps you create a natural-looking scalp and when installed perfectly, hair closure makes your hair appear to be growing from the scalp.
  • Using a hair closure is a great investment because it allows you to experiment with different styles and colors without causing much damage to your hair.
  • Human hair closure particularly works well for women who are suffering from thinning hair or various type of alopecia or women who are balding.

Why buy human hair closure online in the UK from Elleloise Hair?

If you are looking to shop for a top-quality lace closure, then you have come to the right place. We, at Elleloise Hair, offer a wide range of human hair closures in the UK. While shopping at our online store, you will surely find a hair closure that fits your needs and aesthetics perfectly. While shopping at our store, you will find several choices. Some of the other prominent reasons that will delight you while shopping from our store include:

  • Top-quality hair closure
  • Hair closure made from natural human hair
  • Purest quality and unaltered human hair
  • Meticulous quality control system
  • Give protection to your natural hair

No matter, whether you are looking to buy weaves, extensions, hair closures, or other hair extension products, Elleloise Hair offers the top-quality and reliable hair products that you need. Visit our online store today to shop for any of our range of hair products or contact us for any of your queries, we will be happy to help you find what you are looking for.


According to Health and safety Regulations, Human hair product that has been used cannot be returned which includes removing the security cable ties from the hair. We adhere to strict policies regarding the return of hair product, hygiene concerns and the law. 


 All orders are processed upon receipt. We try our best to get orders out immediately but please allow 2-3 business days for processing of your orders. Processing occurs Monday -Friday. 


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