Common Widespread Natural Hair Extension Myths Busted

Women’s love for hair is so predominant that they can go to any extent for caring and styling of their hair. We all know very well that hair has a great impact on our personality and our hair makes us look and feel good. Trying different colors and hairstyles is...

Differences between Raw Hair and Virgin Hair Extensions

The use of hair extensions is on an increase across the world. Naturally, people are becoming all the more eager to accumulate as much knowledge as possible on the different types of hair extensions that are available in the market. Among the different varieties of...

Some Promising Benefits of Wearing Hair Extensions

The trend of getting hair extensions is quite a rage. Swearing for its numerous benefits, especially by those who always dreamt of wearing a long hair look, hair extensions can be the answer to all your fashion prayers. In case getting hair extensions is on your to-do...
size chart

Elleloise Hair Extension

How many bundles you need?

Note: for our wavy and curly hair, you may need more or less
The amount of bundles you need is dependent on the look (length and volume) you are going for. However, we are happy to provide a recommendation guide.

  • 10 – 14inches = 2 bundles
  • 16 – 20inches =3 – 4 Bundles
  • 22-30inches = 4 bundles or more