Raw Cambodian Natural Wavy Hair

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  • 100% Raw and unprocessed, no synthetic fibre blend
  • Origin: Cambodia
  • Effortlessly blend with all hair type
  • Double drawn donor hair
  • High quality secured and flat machine weft to prevent tangling, minimal to no shedding
  • Hair Pattern: Natural Wave
  • Hair colour ranges from natural dark brown to natural black depending on the donor
  • Hair can be bleached, coloured and heat styled
  • Long longevity with proper care and maintenance
  • Hair can hold curls
  • Hair texture is thick and slightly coarse, and full from root to tip
  • Each Weft weights approximately 3.5oz (100grams)
  • Price is a representation of each individual weft
  • Reusable
  • Fast worldwide shipping

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Make a Stylish Fashion Statement With Quality Cambodian Hair Extensions

Your hairstyle is an integral part of your style statement. A thick mane of healthy hair is an asset in the present times, considering the mounting issues of pollution, stressful lifestyles, and several other harmful aspects that affect the quality of our hair.

Hair extensions are one of the quickest remedies that you can take up for the problem and be suitable for different hair types. At Elleloise Hair, we understand your dilemma, especially in the face of so many different types of hair extensions. As experts in the industry, we will always recommend one variety that can simply never go wrong – literally for anyone! Drum roll ………. There are Cambodian hair extensions made out of pure Cambodian raw hair. So what is the big deal about it? Read on to know it all!

What are Cambodian hair extensions?

As the name of the product indicates Cambodian hair extensions are hair extensions made out of raw hair by donors from Cambodia. This is an ethically sourced hair that mainly comes in three broad varieties – straight, curly, and wavy.

Cambodian hair is one of the most preferred hairs of the present times due to its natural lush volume and healthy texture. It is one of the healthiest hair genes naturally found on this planet.

This hair comes with a coarse texture and is ideally suited for holding up styling products and treatments. Due to its healthy nature when properly taken care of, this hair extension type can hold curls; withstand chemical treatments like coloring and dying for longer durations without showing signs of damage. Owing to its natural look this hair extension type can blend in much better with natural human hair types, especially for African American and even Asian women.

The benefit of Using Cambodian hair extensions

The account we just provided for the Cambodian hair extension pretty much sums up the benefits of using this particular variety. After all, if you understand that this is one of the most popular hair extension types, ten it surely comes with a long list of advantages. Now let us sum them up for you:

Healthy choice

Since these hair extensions are derived ethically and are mostly raw hair extensions they are attained from a single donor. As compared to other forms of extensions where the hair could be collected from as many as 47 donors for a single extension, these Cambodian hair extensions happen to be a lot more hygienic. They can be good for your natural hair in the long run.

Easy to maintain

It has been mentioned in the previous part that Cambodian hair is one of the healthiest forms of natural hair found on the face of the planet. This is one of the main reasons why maintaining this form of hair extension is easy. You need to take care of this extension in a similar manner as that of your natural hair. You must shampoo and ten conditions the hair extensions with paraffin and sulfate-free products.

This will keep your hair clean and soft for a longer duration. You need to clean and condition these hair extensions slightly more often than natural hair as their roots are missing from where they can derive nutrition. If done in the right manner this hair extension type does not need any other hassling cleaning and maintenance regime.

Great for the long term

Since cleaning and maintaining these air extensions is very simple, easy, and hassle-free they happen to be a perfect choice for long-term usage. This means once you have invested in these hair extensions they can offer you value for a fairly long duration of time. Since Cambodian hair is one of the healthiest manes of natural hair they are a perfect choice for a long-term purpose.

Tips to follow while buying Cambodian hair extensions

Now that we have discussed facts about Cambodian hair and the benefits of investing in it we will like to share a few tips with you which will help you to select the best possible Cambodian hair extension for your personal use.

The hair texture

Here we will not talk much about the color of the hair as Cambodian hair is mostly dark in its color. They vary from various shades of dark brown to that jet color. However, when we come to the texture of the hair can be divided into three categories – straight, wavy, and curly. In this context, you need to ascertain the overall texture of your hair and then buy the most suitable type for yourself. This is one of the simplest ways through which you can buy hair extensions that will blend with your natural hair effortlessly.

Prefer raw hair

Although we have talked about Cambodian raw hair extensions you can also get Cambodian virgin hair extensions. Raw hair extensions are much healthier and better in quality as compared to virgin hair extensions. They are untreated hair that has not been exposed to any form of chemical or beautification treatment and can withstand styling products much better.

Know the exact maintenance tips

The source or the place from where you buy these hair extensions is the best place from where you can get all the information on how to maintain them. Delve into the details of this domain.

The platform matters

If you are planning to buy the product from online platforms, then the overall reputation of the platform matters.

Why buy Cambodian hair extensions online from us?

The closure of the previous segment brings us to this part of the discussion. If you are wondering about the platform that can offer you the best Cambodian raw hair extensions, then Elleloise Hair is just the place for you. At Elleloise Hair, we understand that your hairstyle means the world to you. You want to look smart and bright.

Hair is one of the most important parts of your style quotient. We offer you the best quality hair extensions with ethically sourced raw hair for magnificent hair extensions. We, at Elleloise Hair, use our networks for procuring the best raw hair from Cambodia. Our extensions are made with some of the best quality natural human hair that comes with a natural healthy shine and requires very few styling products.

At Elleloise Hair, we have designed specially fabricated value-added services of a responsive website, easy purchases, safe payment options, and simple return and refund policies so that we can bring better all-rounded value to our patrons.


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According to Health and safety Regulations, Human hair product that has been used cannot be returned which includes removing the security cable ties from the hair. We adhere to strict policies regarding the return of hair product, hygiene concerns and the law. 


 All orders are processed upon receipt. We try our best to get orders out immediately but please allow 2-3 business days for processing of your orders. Processing occurs Monday -Friday. 


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