Raw Vietnamese Straight Hair

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  • 100% Raw and unprocessed, no synthetic fibre blend
  • Origin: Vietnam
  • Super double drawn donor hair
  • High quality flat and secured machine weft to prevent tangling, minimal to no shedding
  • Hair pattern: Straight
  • Hair colour ranges from natural dark brown to natural black depending on the donor
  • Hair can be bleached, coloured and heat styled
  • Last long with proper care and maintenance
  • Hair is famous for its smooth and silky and lustrous texture, Full from root to tip
  • Each Weft weights approximately 3.0-3.5oz (100grams)
  • Price is a representation of each individual weft
  • Reusable
  • Fast worldwide shipping

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Buy Raw Vietnamese Straight Hair in UK

Raw hair is quickly gaining dominance in the hair extension industry with an extremely large number of customers looking for top-quality hair extensions. Among all the types of hair available, Vietnamese is the most popular straight hair that is highly in demand. Raw Vietnamese straight hair is famous for its extremely good quality, and affordable prices, and is classified as the dark and thick mane. This hair is directly taken from the hair donor’s head, weft, cleansed, and then bundled into 100 grams bundles. Raw Vietnamese straight hair has never been chemically processed and has never had heat applied to it, hence it is the purest and most natural hair available on the market. ¬†

Where do Raw Vietnam Hair Extensions Come From?                         

The soft, silky, and beautiful hair comes directly from Vietnam, a Southeast Asian country. Vietnamese hair is mostly taken from the village women aged 18-25 living in high mountains.   The dark and thick mane is strong and silky, as the hair is not affected by the sunlight. People living in high mountains areas are usually strongly built because they have to work hard to earn their living and this is also reflected in the quality of their hair. Their hair is strong and durable just like their health. Women of this area follow a simple lifestyle and their dietary intake is full of vitamins and minerals.

Features of Raw Vietnamese Straight Hair

Beautifully flowing ultra-soft tresses are 100% raw Vietnamese hair that is completely natural, unprocessed, and sourced only from 1 donor that guarantees longevity by preventing any tangling and matting.  This also ensures that cuticles are aligned and flow in one direction. Known for maximum lasting quality, raw Vietnamese straight hair can be easily dyed or bleached as per an individual’s preference. The hair is double-drawn to maximize volume and strength, thus providing thicker, fuller bundles that last longer. Some of the distinguishing features of the raw Vietnamese straight hair include:

  • Tresses are thick, soft, and silky
  • Tresses can hold curls as well as their softness
  • Hair has a high black melanin level
  • Tresses are typically straight having round and thick fibers
  • Available in the purest and most natural form on the market
  • Free from any type of chemical or heat application
  • Raw Vietnamese straight hair is highly regarded in the hair extension industry due to its soft, smooth, and silky nature.

Benefits of Raw Vietnamese Straight Hair Extensions

Among the various types of raw hair extensions available, raw Vietnamese straight hair is one of the most persistent hair extensions that come with multiple benefits. Raw Vietnamese straight hair extensions are the most luxurious hair extensions available in the hair market today that is made from 100% natural hair and are extremely soft, silky, and naturally shiny. Other benefits of raw Vietnamese straight hair extensions include:

  • Raw Vietnamese hair is not rough and coarse:¬†This type of hair is smooth and silky and is not at all rough and coarse. Women of Vietnam follow a healthy diet and completely avoid fast food that helps in the degeneration of hair. Besides, they care for their hair with a shampoo made from natural sources like locusts, basil, skin pomelo, etc.¬†¬†
  • Vietnamese tresses are naturally straight:¬†Vietnamese women have naturally straight hair. The very round and thick fibers have a high level of black melanin.
  • Have strength and luster of natural hair:¬†Vietnamese women do not use blow dryers or tightly tie their hair back. Besides, they also stay away from artificial products, so they maintain the strength and luster of natural hair.
  • Highly Durable:¬†Raw Vietnamese straight hair is lightweight and easy to maintain and has a natural flow and fullness. If properly cared for, this hair extension can last a longer life.

Why Buy Raw Vietnamese Straight Hair Extensions from Elleloisehair.com?

People looking to buy the best quality raw Vietnamese straight hair extension should look no further than Elleloisehair.com. The company is committed to providing the purest quality raw and unaltered Vietnamese straight hair extensions to allow women to achieve the desired length, luster, and volume.

  • Provide Vietnamese hair extensions that look stunning at any time
  • Hair extensions are made from 100% raw and unaltered hair
  • Vietnamese hair extension offered by¬†Elleloise Hair¬†has natural flow and fullness
  • Excellent customer support
  • Durable and long-lasting hair extensions
  • Affordable pricing
  • Provides top-quality hair extensions that are natural-looking

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According to Health and safety Regulations, Human hair product that has been used cannot be returned which includes removing the security cable ties from the hair. We adhere to strict policies regarding the return of hair product, hygiene concerns and the law. 


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