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With the massive popularity of hair extensions, consumers have become educated about the options available to them. However, with diverse types of hair extensions available, it sometimes becomes hard to pick the best type of hair extension. To choose the best and ideal hair extension, consumers need to have a proper understanding of the hair extension options available to make an informed decision while picking the hair extension.

Among the different types of hair extensions available, raw human hair extension is surely the best option in the UK, as it is the most purest and natural form of hair available on the market. Raw hair is 100% unprocessed hair collected from a single donor. This hair is never chemically processed or had any heat applied to it and comes in its natural state, unlike virgin hair. It is the highest quality of hair available in the market that is quite natural looking and blends well with human hair. This hair does not undergo any chemical, heat, or steam processing and with proper care can last for years.

History of Raw Human Hair Extensions

Hair extension has been used for thousands of years, as thick, long hair was a symbol of health, beauty, and confidence. From clip-in extensions to hair pieces, these human hair extensions paved the way for today’s hair extensions that are immensely loved and are high in demand. The ancient Egyptians are given the credit for some beauty tends such as straight glossy locks and winged eyeliner. Wigs weave, and knots were worn by Pharaohs to show off their beauty and wealth. The first hair extension was made of human hair, vegetable fibre, and sheep’s wool.

King Louis XIV after losing his hair in his early 20s opted for a wig to give the impression of strength and wealth and this trend soon caught up among the rich. During the Victorian time, over 102 tons of hair were imported to make the original clip in hair extension and doughnut buns. Hair extensions were used by the women to create lavish hairstyles and shapes. The 60s were the time when the modern hair extension was introduced and with the invention of the weave, semi-permanent extensions were available. At that time synthetic hair was popular and was available at a low cost, though not had much lasting power. The trend of synthetic hair remained till the 90s. Now human hair extensions have come a long way and are a vital part of a woman’s beauty products.

Difference Between Raw Human Hair Extensions vs Virgin Hair Extensions

Both raw hair extensions and virgin hair extensions are human hair extensions, raw hair is pure and natural and not has been altered, whereas virgin hair has been steamed and processed to give it a deep wave or loose wave texture. Raw hair is not steamed processed or chemically altered in any way and it behaves just like human hair. Thus, raw hair extensions require more care and attention. Some of the significant differences between raw hair extensions and virgin hair extensions are:  

  • Raw hair extensions require different maintenance and need a lot of conditioning and moisturizing. Users are recommended to use only quality hair care products on raw hair extensions, whereas the hair care products used on virgin hair won’t affect the hair in many ways.
  • Raw hair extension is of better quality and hence it is expensive. It usually lasts longer compared to virgin hair extension.
  • The supply of raw hair extensions can be interrupted at times because of the limited supply of raw hair whereas there is no such shortage of virgin hair extensions.
  • Virgin hair is available in a wide variety of origins and textures whereas raw hair extensions are available only in three origins such as Indian, Cambodian, and Vietnamese, and three textures are straight, curly, and natural wave.

The benefit of Raw Human Hair Extensions

Raw hair extensions are like real hair that is usually collected from a single donor. The outer section of the cuticles of the hair remains real and the hair strands run in one direction. Thus, there is no tangling, frizz or split ends in this hair extension. Cuticles of the raw hair are naturally aligned in one direction to prevent it from matting and tangling. Every bundle of raw hair is unique because it is collected from a single donor having distinct hair patterns, thus no raw hair is the same. Some of the other major benefits of raw hair extensions are:

  • The texture of the raw hair is best, as they are coarser in nature compared to virgin hair
  • Raw hair extension is usually double drawn that allowing shorter hair to be removed by hand and not by machine. This makes the hair full and thick from top to bottom.
  • The best thing about raw extension hair is that it can be colored though people should use good quality coloring materials.
  • Raw hair is previously not been chemically treated so it can be bleached. The raw hair will not get burned or matted with the chemicals that usually damage the cuticles of the hair.
  • Raw hair extension lasts longer than any other type of hair with proper care.

Distinguish Features of Raw Hair

Major distinguishing features of the raw hair extensions are:

  • The hair is collected from a single donor
  • 100% unprocessed and human hair
  • Premium quality
  • Aligned cuticle
  • Hair is not altered by steam or chemical treatment

Types of Raw Hair Extensions

Elleloise Hair is a reckoned name of the hair extensions business that serves women with the best and purest quality raw and unaltered raw hair extensions of diverse types to help them achieve desired length, volume, and luster. Elleloise Hair offers different types of hair extensions that are true value for money. These hair extensions are made from 100% raw and unaltered hair that is taken from a single donor and no synthetic fiber or addictive is added to the weft. The hair used in the making of these hair extensions is ethically sourced with cuticle unidirectional aligned to make sure that the weft lasts longer. We are known for offering different types of hair extensions that will surely look beautiful at any time. Types of raw hair extensions that we offer include:

  • Raw Burmese Curly
  • Raw Burmese Curly Closure
  • Raw Burmese Curly Frontal
  • Raw Cambodia S.E.A Wave Hair
  • Raw Cambodian Curly Hair
  • Raw Cambodian Natural Wavy Hair
  • Raw Cambodian Straight Hair
  • Raw Vietnamese Straight Hair
  • Raw Vietnamese Straight Frontal
  • Raw Vietnamese Straight Closure

Why Choose for Raw Human Hair Extensions in the UK?

Elleloise Hair is a leading hair extension in the UK that offers purest quality raw and unaltered human hair extensions to help humans achieve the desired length and volume of hair. The online store has become a reckoned name in the hair extension business because of its meticulous quality control system that ensures bouncy and flawless hair to the consumer. Some of the distinguishing features of the company that has made them the consumers preferred choice include:

  • Hair is sourced from the various country of origin
  • The finest and healthiest quality of hair is procured in various lengths
  • Each weft bundle is distinct in its color, luster, and wave pattern
  • Every strand of hair is healthy and tangle-free
  • Hair lasts for a long time with proper care
  • Hair quality is worth the value for money
  • Cause no damage to the natural hair
  • Hair has its own natural shine no need for hair products
  • The easiest way to add length and volume


According to Health and safety Regulations, Human hair product that has been used cannot be returned which includes removing the security cable ties from the hair. We adhere to strict policies regarding the return of hair product, hygiene concerns and the law. 


 All orders are processed upon receipt. We try our best to get orders out immediately but please allow 2-3 business days for processing of your orders. Processing occurs Monday -Friday. 


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